Experience the stillness of a reflective, twilight atmosphere in the Cathedral in a unique candlelight concert presented exclusively in the historic chapels of St. Mary’s Cathedral. Works include Allegri’s Miserere and Palestrina’s Stabat Mater.
Presented jointly by the St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir and the UWA Winthrop Singers.

Tickets available from BOCS 9484 1133


Tomorrow is the first day of spring… so that means the Choir will be singing to the rising sun from Winthrop Tower. It is a wonderful experience, albeit a bit chilly.

The Choir is to assemble at 5:40am at the tower and they will probably start singing at 6:00am.

It is recommended that you bring a comfy chair, blanket and a thermos of your favourite hot beverage. Place your chair on either side of the Tower, sit back and enjoy. The local wildlife like to be involved also.

photo by Gary Collinson

The Winthrop Singers generated astounding music during lunchtime in the foyer of the Winthrop Hall on Open Day at UWA today. They entertained the public with a variety of genre’s which left people spellbound.

After the lunchtime concert there was a “breakaway” group who called themselves the Guerrilla Choir (about 10 members from the main choir) who spent the afternoon singing at various locations around the campus, including outside the Social Sciences building, Winthrop Hall foyer and even in the tunnel to the buses under Stirling Highway.

There was plenty of interest by the general public who both stopped to listen and ask questions about the Winthrop Singers. Well done guys on an excellent day.

The WA branch of the Australian National Choral Association has just been reformed, with the intention of developing a lively and interactive presence for choral singing in schools and the community, and a capacity to raise consciousness and respect for the activity within the body politic, the media, and the WA scene generally. More information cna be found at www.anca.org.au

The Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) is a non-profit organisation set up to encourage and promote choral music in Australia. The National President of ANCA, Professor Peter Roennfeldt has co-opted a committee and given it the task of re-establishing ANCA WA. The members of the committee are:
Nicholas Bannan, Eleanor Brockman, Su-Lyn Chong, Ann Clarke, Penelope Kimble, Micheál McCarthy, Sarah Mills Menogue, Paul Sealey, Nikki Sullivan and myself.

This is a team of experienced educators and choral musicians who aim to assist choirs and choral conductors in all sectors of the choral community. Whether you are a music teacher in a primary or secondary school, a conductor of a community choir or a chorister, ANCA aims to engage with the full spectrum of choral music in WA, including regional areas and invites you to become a member

This Semester we are focusing on music of the Renaissance, featuring motets and canticles by Byrd, Gibbons, Victoria, Palestrina, Phillips, Gabrieli and Tallis.  Highlights promise to be the Fauré Requiem in the week of ANZAC Day; and the Maundy Thursday vigil.

Visitors are always welcome to St George’s Chapel, one of Perth’s loveliest buildings.  The Winthrop Singers are very lucky to provide music in such an attractive context.

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The Kalgoorlie tour is set for  June 28th- July 1st 2011.

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The performances on this CD set out in narrative sequencea selection of Christmas music drawing on two traditions: the art music of the Renaisance and its projection in 19th Century music on the one hand; and, the other, the music of the common people, the carolof the Mediterranean regions transcribed from traditional sources or enacted in the pastiche recreations provided by Costeley and the Spanish Poet Mateo Flecha. …. more

Come to the Chapel of St Georges College and experience a night of eloquent music interspersed with readings from various members of the UWA community.

It will prove to be a two memorable nights.

The Carol Services are on Thursday Dec. 16th and Friday Dec. 17th at 7.00.

They are always well attended and popular events in their own right.  This year, there will be an opportunity to piurchase the new CD that was cut in November this year at New Norcia.

The evenings music is largely based on what we have just recorded. More….

The Winthrop Singers will be recording A Mediterranean Christmas in the Abbey of New Norcia during the weekend of November 19th  – 21st. The CD will be available for Christmas. So if you would like to pre-order to be sure yo get your copy, just go to our Contacts page.

A Concert by the Winthrop Singers in the Abbey Church will be at 11:00am on Sunday 21st November.

Click on the image to view more information for the event.

This is the second visit by the Choir to New Norcia, and their second CD recording at New Norcia. We hope to see everyone there.

The Winthrop Singers are staging a concert at St Mary’s in Perth on Sunday October 24th 2010 @ 7:00PM
It is a night of MUSIC OF ADORATION Directed Nicholas Bannan with Organist Jacinta Jakovcevic

The programme includes:

Gregorio Allegr Miserere
Stephen Moreno Te Deum
Motets by Tomas Luis da Victoria, Francisco Guerrero, Miguel Hilarion Eslava and
Eric Whitacre
Organ music by Antonio de Cabezon (b. 1510)

Tickets are available at the door
($15, $10 concessions, unreserved seating)

To view a map go here
17 Victoria Square
Perth Western Australia 6000